Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Evidence of SNSD's fake instagram!

As for this time, we're greeting you guys to give evidence on how 'SNSD' instagrams are fake. The only real instagram of the member's is Taeyeon's ( instagram.com/taeyeon_ss )

List of fake SNSD instagram we're going to discuss :

Let's start with sooyoung_ss (Sooyoung's fake instagram)!
This is the layout of Sooyoung_ss instagram

As you know, these accounts have been around only for several days, right? So know, look at the photos which i give circles.
Let's start with the yellow one. That photo shows Sooyoung and her older sister, who is a musical actress named Choi Soo Jin. This is the complete photo (without being cropped) :
This photo was posted by someone on asianpop forums. But, let's see when does she/he posted this photo. This photo suppossed to be a new photo, right? but well, let's see.
On the photo i posted above, it shows that it was posted 9 months ago! which is almost a year ago! How can you say that it's new?
Okay, now our score is 1/4. Let's go the other photo

Now, let's look at the green photo. I'm 100% sure i've seen that photo last year (beginning / middle of the year) or maybe even 2 years ago. This is the full photo!

If it's really sooyoung who owns sooyoung_ss and post the photo, why did she post the same photo over and over again? and also, she must've posted it in full screen not the cinematic capture one.
Okay so now our score is 2/4! Let's move to the other photo.

Now we're going to see the orange-circled photo! Most people think that sooyoung_ss is real Sooyoung because she posted that photo and it's a new photo. Well, let's see. This is the full photo :

In the photo too it was shown that itwas posted 6 months ago!!! so it's totally not a new photo. Well, half a year is not a short time.
What do you think? Our score is now 3/4! Now, the last photo of Sooyoung!
Let's take a look at the blue one.
Recently, SNSD have been busy with their 2nd Japan tour and they had just done their IGAB promotion! How can Sooyoung spent her time leisurely?
Now our score is 4/4 so, sooyoung_ss is proven FAKE :)

Okay, so let's move to hyoyeon's fake instagram (hyoyeon_ss)!
This is the layout of instagram.com/hyoyeon_ss

We're only going to discuss 2 photos this time. Let's start with the black-circled photo.
That photo was RE-posted by someone on tumblr 2 months ago which is not new! Saying that the photo was the latest photo hyoyeon_ss shared on instagram? Well, no.
Now our score is 1/2. Let's move to the yellow-circled picture.
Well, for that picture we just need a simple, short explanation. It's a fantaken picture and fantaken pictures are often posted on twitter and since there are no official Hyo twitter account (and even if she has one secretly, she might not have time to open it). So where do she get that  photo? She took it by her own? Well, she's performing so that's not possible.
The score is now 2/2! So it's proven that hyoyeon_ss is FAKE :)

The next one is Yoona's fake instagram (yoona_ss)
This is the layout instagram of yoona_ss

The first which we're going to discuss is the green-circled photo.
This is the full photo of the green-circled photo :
The photo was taken during 'I Got A Boy' Music Video making which must be last December / November. So it's not a new one. And as you can see, for the profile picture, Taeyeon (taeyeon_ss) use a different one, isn't it? And she doesn't repost old selcas which already published.
Score is now 1/2! Let's move on to the other one.
The red-circled photo, here is the full version of it :
I could tell you this selca is not new. Why? I get this picture in 2011! And mostly, if Yoona's going to post the picture, why would she cencored the man behind. As long as i can remember, she took this when she's on filming for her drama and you know Yoona like to take a selca with the staff, cencored? Well, the cencored is done by fan years ago.
So it's complete, it's 2/2! This account is FAKE :)
The last discussion is about Jessica's fake instagram (sooyeon_ss)
This is the layout of sooyeon_ss on instagram
First, let's look at the blue-circled photo. Well, as i said earlier, the girls must have used a new and UN-published photo, right? (not convinced? check instagram.com/taeyeon_ss) Well, then take a look at the full photo.
This photo was purely taken on Barbie & Ken award i believe in which Jessica became the barbie and Ken is TVXQ U-know Yunho. Someone already posted this like months ago so it's not new.
Score now, 1/4!
Let's move to the pink circled photo. I don't have the photo anymore since i saved it in my OLD phone and i have changed my phone. But i believe i got that photo around 2010! But it's the newest photo that sooyeon_ss publish, isn't it? It doesn't make sense! And the photo was cropped by a fan but the real Jessica has the full version of the photo (which shows her face because in the photo that sooyeon_ss and fans publish, it's the cropped one).
Score now, 2/4!
The green-circled photo which mostly made people believe that she is the real Jessica. But i'm sorry, i'm gonna prove that it's also a fake one.
Let's take a look at the WHOLE photo :
The yellow-circled one on the photo above is the photo that sooyeon_ss ost right? If it's really Jessica, why don't she just post the whole photo? And now, let's see where and when do i get these selcas.
In the photo above, it was RE-posted by someone 4 months ago which was in 2012! So can you say it's new? Well, tell me if you now think that those girls are real!
So our score now is 3/4 i guess. Let's move on to the next photo which will confirmed that all these girls are fake; last photo of Jessica, yellow-circled one! (from the layout)
Look at this photo :
Now if you dare to, ask sooyeon_ss (the fake Jessica) to answer who the guy standing beside her is. But, i'm going to tell you first that the guy on the photo is Coming Step stylish. Jessica did a photoshoot for Coming Step on March-April 2012!
So now, our score is complete; 4/4! These girls are proven to be FAKE!
What do you think? You can say they're not fake but please give prove to us! Want to email us? Or simply give comments or even mention us on twitter with the hashtag #prove!
We are here, to prove in peace :) Have a good day!
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  1. So only taengoo's instagram is real? Do you have the list of their real twitter accs?

  2. I checked sooyeon_ss and she uploaded couple new picts. The picts in your layout are gone. Also, Hyoyeon's new ig account (watasiwahyo). I know there's no official announcement just like TY yet, and it's only weird TY dont follow them both (though miss a min is following hyoyeon already). but do you have any newest updates? Thank you! :)

  3. Only Tae and Hyo have Instagram right ? Can you check Jungjessica_ss at Instagram ? She is not real right ? Because if she is the real sica , she will post new selca , but this accout always post like macaron,handphone,etc... I thought Sooyeon_ss is real xD

    1. until now, the only real instagram are taeyeon_ss, yulyulk, and watasiwahyo :)

  4. taeyeon_ss svnnynight watasiwahyo yulyulk syofgg